About Me

I´ve always being drawn to photography, since I was a little kid I enjoyed my time behind the camera. While at university I decided to take a break and took a professional photography course, way before digital was even a thing. All of this added to my love for travelling and the outdoors made the perfect cocktail for my passion for Landscape photography.


Prints of my photos are available i different sizes and materials, I can also make photos of special locations if you have something you want for an specific wall.

I do Real Estate photography and other work as well please contact me with your requirements. 


My passion is outdoors photography, especially landscapes. I also have a good amount of experience in sports photography.


Originally from Lima, Perú. I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia where I try to make the most out of the stunning locations around me. 

I am always trying to discover new places and travel all I can chasing light.

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